Dried Pitted Dates, 1 lb



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Dried Pitted Sayer Select Dates 

 1 lb. packed in bulk


  • Ingredients: pitted  sawyer dates


  • Benefits: Dates are great for post-viral chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers as well as excellent for those who suffer with anemia. Most varieties of dried dates are very high in iron. All dates have a reasonable amount of fiber and are a rich source of potassium. Chinese dates or Jujube has been used medicinally for millennia by many cultures and is an excellent source of Vitamins C, A and B-Complex.


  • Suggested Use: Dried Fruits are very versatile. They can been used in baked goods, salads, sauces, trail mixes, hot cereals, muffins, scones, fruit cakes and homemade ice cream. Dried Dates are good for snacks and cookies.