Organic Raw Shelled Brazil Nuts, 1 lbs



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Organic Shelled Raw Brazil Nuts

1 lb. packed in bulk


  • Ingredients: Organic shelled raw brazil nuts


  • Health Benefits: Brazil nuts are particularly healthy due to their high selenium content, which makes their protein content "complete". This means that, unlike the proteins in most plant products, Brazil nuts' proteins contain all the necessary amino acids to foster optimal growth in humans (in the same way as proteins from animal products do).
    Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant linked to lower rates of cancer and heart disease. Brazil nuts are also a very good source of zinc (essential to digestion and metabolism).
    Brazil nuts can be of particular use in the vegetarian diet as an added source of protein.
    These nuts contain high amounts of fat. These fats are unsaturated and, therefore, "healthy" when ingested in moderate amounts..


  • Suggested Use: Brazil nuts are great as a convenient, healthy snack and a timeless family favorite. They are also good for dried fruit and nut mixes.